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Screen 4.0.2 Announcement

From: Juergen Weigert
Subject: Screen 4.0.2 Announcement
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 20:58:53 +0100
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                                        Fri Jan 16 20:26:33 CET 2004, jw.

Screen-4.0 is ready for production

                        Current version: 4.0.2
                        Release date: 20031205 14:02
                        md5sum: ed68ea9b43d9fba0972cb017a24940a1
                        size: 840519

Screen has been in the 3.x Version numbers for twelve years now. 
We finally made the jump into the 4.x version numbers.

There have been 4.x versions around since September 2003, but there was 
none on the GNU mirrors and no announcement so far. I have to apologize for 
that. Also the current 4.0.2 version was already available before winter 
holidays. Sorry again.

We did not come up with major feature additions, just because the major 
version number changed. We came up with many small changes under the hood.
Some changes are invisible to the end user, and most are invisible to the
average user. Anyway, here is a summary what happend since screen got its 
new major version number:

   - screenblanker support: new 'idle', 'blanker', 'blankerprg' commands.
   - zmodem support via the 'zmodem' command.
   - nonblock code rewritten, nonblock now understands a timeout.
     new command 'defnonblock'.
   - screenrc parser rewrite
     Beware of singlequotes ('). The syntax is almost identical, but quoting is
     now streamlined. Where we had multiple levels of parsing, depending on 
     command was processed. We now have one level of parsing for all commands 
   - bug fixes. Yes, again users have discovered some new clever ways to make 
     misbehave. Most of these could be fixed.
      + fixed some bugs in the escape-sequence parser
        (some say this could have been exploitable using excessive gigabytes if 
      + fixed Emacs on TTYs.
      + fixed hardstatus line on blanked screen.
      + fixed a couple of GBK bugs.

   - Wishlist processing 
     Many feature-requests we find in well known wish-lists, have been realized.
     Although most of the under different names and with different side effects.
      + WindowList - show full title name 
        (%t now expands to the full window name)
      + windowlist -m
        (shows list MRU sorted, not numerically)
      + Copy Mode - additional jump commands
        ('B' and 'E' now work)
      + Copy Mode - Block Selection
        (worked in all screen versions, use 'c' and 'C')
      + lockscreen_auto N 
        (via 'idle N lock')

Have fun!


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