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GNU CLISP 2.40 (2006-09-23)

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: GNU CLISP 2.40 (2006-09-23)
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 15:10:22 -0400
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ANSI Common Lisp is a high-level, general-purpose programming language.
GNU CLISP is a Common Lisp implementation by Bruno Haible of Karlsruhe
University and Michael Stoll of Munich University, both in Germany.
It mostly supports the Lisp described in the ANSI Common Lisp standard.
It runs on most GNU and Unix systems (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD,
Solaris, Tru64, HP-UX, BeOS, NeXTstep, IRIX, AIX and others) and on
other systems (Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 95/98/ME) and needs only
4 MB of RAM.
It is Free Software and may be distributed under the terms of GNU GPL.
The user interface comes in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch,
Russian and Danish, and can be changed at run time.
GNU CLISP includes an interpreter, a compiler, a debugger, CLOS, MOP,
a foreign language interface, sockets, i18n, fast bignums and more.
An X11 interface is available through CLX, Garnet, CLUE/CLIO.
GNU CLISP runs Maxima, ACL2 and many other Common Lisp packages.

More information at
  <> and
Sources and selected binaries are available by anonymous ftp from
and its mirrors.

2.40 (2006-09-23)

Important notes

* All .fas files generated by previous CLISP versions are invalid and
  must be recompiled.  This is because DOCUMENTATION and LAMBDA-LIST are
  now kept with the closures.
  Set CUSTOM:*LOAD-OBSOLETE-ACTION* to :COMPILE to automate this.
  See <> for details.

User visible changes

* Infrastructure
  + Top-level configure now accepts a new option --elispdir which specifies
    the installation directory for the Emacs Lisp files (clhs.el et al).
    The default value is ${datadir}/emacs/site-lisp/.
    Thus, clhs.el at al are now installed by "make install", and should
    be included in the 3rd party distributions.
  + Top-level configure now accepts variables on command line, e.g.,
    ./configure CC=g++ CFLAGS=-g

* Function PCRE:PCRE-EXEC accepts :DFA and calls pcre_dfa_exec() when
  built against PCRE v6.  See <>.

  See <>.

* When the OPTIMIZE SPACE level is low enough, keep function
  documentation and lambda list.
  See <>.

* Bug fixes:
  + Make it possible to set *IMPNOTES-ROOT-DEFAULT* and *CLHS-ROOT-DEFAULT*
    to local paths, as opposed to URLs. [ 1494059 ]
  + Fix the evaluation order of initialization and :INITIALLY forms in
    then extended LOOP. [ 1516684 ]
  + Do not allow non-symbols as names of anonymous classes. [ 1528201 ]
  + Fix the RAWSOCK module on big-endian platforms. [ 1529244 ]
  + PRINT-OBJECT now works on built-in objects.  [ 1482533 ]
  + ADJUST-ARRAY signals an error if :FILL-POINTER is supplied and non-NIL
    but the non-adjustable array has no fill pointer, as per ANSI. [ 1538333 ]
  + MAKE-PATHNAME no longer ignores explicit :DIRECTORY NIL (thanks to
    Stephen Compall <address@hidden>). [ 1550803 ]
  + Executable images now work on ia64 (thanks to Dr. Werner Fink
  + MAKE-PATHNAME on win32 now handles correctly directories that start
    with a non-string (e.g., :WILD). [ 1555096 ]
  + SOCKET-STREAM-PEER and SOCKET-STREAM-LOCAL had do-not-resolved-p
    inverted since 2.37.
  + Set functions with :TEST 'EQUALP were broken on large lists. [ 1567186 ]

Sam Steingold ( on Fedora Core release 5 (Bordeaux)
Linux - find out what you've been missing while you've been rebooting Windows.

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