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GNU Ghostscript 8.55 is released

From: Didier LINK
Subject: GNU Ghostscript 8.55 is released
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 23:53:11 +0200

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new GNU Ghostscript
release: gnu-ghostscript-8.55.

This release is an adaptation of GPL Ghostscript version 8.54, with
changes to make it compliant with GNU standards and policies.  It is
available from the GNU Ghostscript project page:

This release include many bugs fixed over GNU Ghostscript 8.16, and an
update of the configure script for a better flexibility. 

This list is from the 8.54 GPL version released by Artifex Software,
Inc. and artofcode LLC :

      * Numerous bug fixes and improvements, particularly in the area
        DeviceN (spot color) handling and the PDF interpreter. 
      * The pdfwrite device can now create PDF/X-3 compliant documents
        using the lib/ prefix approach. See doc/Ps2pdf.htm
      * A Beta version level 2 Postscript output device, ps2write, which
        generates high-level PostScript including text, images and
      * A rendering performance enhancement for PDF's with transparency
        (10x to 90x on files with many small transparency
      * Numerous fixes and improvements in the area of PDF 1.6 handling.
      * JBIG2 and JPEG 2000 images support.

Enjoy !

Didier LINK

Didier Link <address@hidden>
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