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GNU Texinfo 4.11 available

From: Karl Berry
Subject: GNU Texinfo 4.11 available
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 13:14:32 -0500

I have released version 4.11 of Texinfo, the GNU documentation format.
The NEWS is below.

You can get it by anonymous ftp from
or via http:
and its mirrors worldwide (see

The Texinfo home page:

Special thanks to Oleg Katsitadze for working on texinfo.tex, and
Sergey Poznyakoff for working on standalone Info.  Thanks also to all the
others who helped with the release.  Full credits are in the ChangeLog.

Please email bugs or suggestions to address@hidden,
general discussion to address@hidden

Happy documenting,

(Let me also mention that major improvements to texi2dvi and texinfo.tex
were made in the recent 4.9 release upgrading the license to GPLv3.)

* Language:
  . @documentlanguage now supports an optional country code
    specification after the language code, a la gettext.
  . new command @allowcodebreaks controls breaks at _ and - within @code.
  . new command @frenchspacing controls spacing after sentences.
  . new command @fonttextsize allows changing body text font size to 10pt.
  . new command @textdegree{} produces the normal degrees symbol.
  . new command @thischapternum can be used in TeX headers/footers.
  . new commands for quotes: @quotedblleft @quotedblright
     @quoteleft @quoteright  @quotedblbase @quotesinglbase
     @guillemetleft @guillemetright @guilsinglleft @guilsinglright.
  . new option @set txicodequoteundirected produces an undirected quote
    in code and example output, instead of the regular right quote.
  . new option @set txicodequotebacktick produces a grave accent in
    code and example output, instead of the regular left quote.

* makeinfo:
  . The @documentlanguage locale is used to translate various document strings.
  . --enable-encoding is now the default, meaning Info and plain text
    output use 8-bit characters given a supported @documentencoding.
  . new option --css-ref=URL for creating a stylesheet <link> in HTML output.
  . new option --transliterate-file-names to use a reduction-to-ASCII
    algorithm for split HTML file names, useful for non-Latin-based languages.
  . @enddots{} outputs three dots instead of four, for consistency with
  . the Local Variables coding: setting written by --enable-encoding now
    comes at the very end, after the tags table, so that Emacs can find
    it in more cases.
  . @allow-recursion (never documented) is deprecated and produces a warning.
  . @quote-args (never documented) is now the default behavior.
  . centering and such take account of character widths.
  . the --reference-limit option is now a no-op.
  . improvements to XML and Docbook output and the DTD.

* texinfo.tex:
  . @thissection can now be used in custom headings, and @thischapter
    works reliably even without @set chapternewpage.  Custom headings
    have additional flexibility as well.

* texi2dvi:
  . pdftexi2dvi is a new wrapper to `texi2dvi --pdf', equal to texi2pdf,
    for the sake of AUC-TeX which prepends `pdf' to the compilation
    command when requested to produce PDF.

* info:
  . look for info files in the current directory first, by default.
  . when calling man, use -a if no explicit section is found.
  . avoid showing the top(1) man page for nonexistent info files.

* install-info:
  . new options --section-regex, --remove-exactly, --debug, --test.

* Distribution:
  . autoconf 2.60, automake 1.10, gettext 0.16.1.
  . gettext support now [external].
  . new translations: hu (Hungarian), rw (Kinyarwandan), vi (Vietnamese).
  . most common sources imported from gnulib.

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