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GNU ghostscript 8.60.0 is released

From: Didier Link
Subject: GNU ghostscript 8.60.0 is released
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 20:56:16 +0200

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Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new GNU Ghostscript
release: gnu-ghostscript-8.60.0.

This release is an adaptation of GPL Ghostscript version 8.60, with
changes to make it compliant with GNU standards and policies.  It is
available from the GNU Ghostscript project page:

This release include this changes from the 8.57 and 8.60 GPL versions
released by Artifex Software, Inc.:
        * numerous bug fixes and improvements
        * performance and quality improvements
        * memory footprint improvement
        * implementation of the Well Tempered Screening algorithm in an
output device
        * the merge of all patches and drivers from ESP-ghostscript in
GPL-ghostcript is included in this release
        * X11 device is modularized on Linux and Solaris, the main
binary can run without X client support installed

With the X11 modularization the default device of gs have changed for
bbox. Running gs from the commandline without options will no longer
display a file, you need to specify -sDEVICE=x11alpha instead.
According to the News from Artifex it's a temporarily change.

Enjoy !

Didier Link

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