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Aeneas 1.1 has been released

From: sellier
Subject: Aeneas 1.1 has been released
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 08:42:05 +0200
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I have the great pleasure to let you know that Aeneas version 1.1 has been released. This version is a GNU standardization of the package.

Please, feel free to download Aeneas from one of the following links

Aeneas is the GNU package for 3D Monte Carlo semiconductor device simulations covered by 3D tetrahedra meshes. Aeneas is released under GPL 3 or later.

Please remember that development of Aeneas is a volunteer effort. You can also contribute.

Happy hacking!

Jean Michel

Dr. Jean Michel Sellier

               SouthNovel Software Foundation
SouthNovel Software Foundation supports GNU packages for semiconductor
devices simulations. At the present time the founder of SouthNovel has
already released Aeneas and Archimedes under GPL license which are now
two GNU packages. They are, respectively, 3D and 2D simulators for
submicron and quantum devices of general shapes (covered by tetrahedra
in 3D and by rectangles in 2D). Our MC simulators are among
the most advanced in the world and have the great advantage of being
released under GPL license, which gives you the right to run, modify and
redistribute the sources of these simulators. For more informations, please
visit the following web site.

support for Archimedes and Aeneas, the free MC semiconductor simulators

Aeneas and Archimedes are GNU packages for advanced semiconductor
device simulations.

Please remember that development of Aeneas and Archimedes is a volunteer
effort, and you can also contribute to its development. For information about
contributing to the Aeneas and/or Archimedes Project and/or requests of
enhancements and new features, please contact me at the following addresses.

Author and maintainer
Jean Michel Sellier, PhD
via dei Narcisi 28,
Cassibile, Siracusa,
C.A.P. 96010, Italy
Mobile +39-349-8561049




MSN contact: address@hidden

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