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glpk 4.23 release information

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: glpk 4.23 release information
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 17:28:41 +0300

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GLPK 4.23 -- Release Information

Release date: Oct 28, 2007

GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) is intended for solving large-scale
linear programming (LP), mixed integer linear programming (MIP), and
other related problems. It is a set of routines written in ANSI C and
organized as a callable library.

In this release:

The following new API routines were added:

glp_read_sol    read basic solution from text file
glp_write_sol   write basic solution to text file
glp_read_ipt    read interior-point solution from text file
glp_write_ipt   write interior-point solution to text file
glp_read_mip    read MIP solution from text file
glp_write_mip   write MIP solution to text file

For description of these routines and corresponding file formats see
Chapter "API Routines", Section "Utility routines" in the reference
manual included in the distribution.

Advanced API routine glp_free_env was added. It may be used by the
application program to free all resources allocated by GLPK routines.

The following three new command-line options were added to the solver

- --mipgap tol    set relative MIP gap tolerance
- -r filename     read solution from filename
- -w filename     write solution to filename

A minor bug was fixed for non-GNU platforms which do not support the
standard function vsnprintf.

See GLPK web page at <>.

GLPK distribution can be ftp'ed from <> or
from some mirror ftp sites; see <>.

MD5 check-sum is the following:

7a232c91ddae5bc38f857a982af87103 *glpk-4.23.tar.gz

GLPK is also available as a Debian GNU/Linux package. See its web page
at <>.
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