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GNU ghostscript 8.61.0 and 8.62.0 released

From: Didier Link
Subject: GNU ghostscript 8.61.0 and 8.62.0 released
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 00:06:03 +0200

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I'm pleased to announce the availability of two new GNU Ghostscript
releases: gnu-ghostscript-8.61.0 and 8.62.0.

These releases are an adaptation of GPL Ghostscript version 8.61 and
8.62 respectively, with changes to make it compliant with GNU standards
and policies.  It is available from the GNU Ghostscript project page:

These releases includes many bugs fixed over GNU Ghostscript 8.60 :

* numerous bug fixed
* use of x11alpha for default driver if X11 is available, falling back
  to bbox otherwise
* COMPILE_INIT=1 fixes in 8.62.0 from release 8.61.0
* tiffsep device can use more than 8 colorants
* faster shadings, overprinting and transparency
* fix some compatibility issues in PDF/A produced with pdfwrite device
* fixed bug #20270 by patching src/gdevxini.c to avoid cropping issue
  in gv

The release 8.61.0 contain 2 new files from the Unicode consortium and a
new License text is available in the ghostscript sources to cover
this: LICENSE.Unicode. Many thanks to Brett Smith from the FSF Licensing
service to help me to clarify the situation.

Enjoy !

Didier Link

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