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release of xboard 4.4.2

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: release of xboard 4.4.2
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 22:19:10 -0800
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This release includes several bugfixes.

You can get the source code for XBoard/Winboard at:

Our homepage is located at:

Thanks for all the bug-reports we got, if you find some new bugs, please
report them in the bug tracker at or by email to bug-xboard

These are the changes taken from the NEWS file:

 * add Winboard source files into tar-ball
 * remove trailing \r in xboard output
 * double buffer size to prevent overflow
 * fix problem with empty string in -firstNeedsNoncompliantFEN
 * updates makefiles to include dependency on config.h
 * correctly apply some check boxes from the option menu
 * score sign in analysis mode
 * fix for bug #28077: xboard needs to link against x11
 * fix castling rights when copying FEN to clipboard (again)
 * fixed some outstanding pixmaps
 * fix the irritating wandering off of the MoveHistory window in XBoard
on opening/closing.
 * use xtell for talking to handles, but tell for talking into a channel.
 * fix bug in bughouse drop menu
 * removing some rather verbose debug messages that seem no longer needed.
 * fix engine-sync on move-number type-in bug
 * fix declaration of engineOutputDialogUp
 * fix double start of zippy engine after switch to gothic
 * the last move before the time control now gets its time listed in the PGN
 * fix casting rights after FEN pasting
 * fix crash on engine crash
 * fixed build on openbsd
 * cleaned up some debug messages and typos
 * removed files that should only be in the windboard directory
 * added missing library for build on OS X

Arun Persaud (address@hidden)

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