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Trueprint 5.4 Released

From: Jeffrin Jose
Subject: Trueprint 5.4 Released
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 01:09:08 +0530
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hello all,

GNU Trueprint has a new release(5.4) which
has been worked on security issue relating to...

Also other updates on Building the package.

GNU Trueprint takes C source files and other
text files and prints them on postscript printers.

It is intended to be used by programmers and 
includes a wealth of features, including diff-marking,
an indentation count, function and file indices, 
and many others that are useful when printing source code.

Webpage for this package is
Download location is
There is a mirror list at


software engineer
department of computer science
Rajagiri school of engineering and technology.

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