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Announcing of maverik release 6.5

From: Hartmut Rosch
Subject: Announcing of maverik release 6.5
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 11:05:20 +0100
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I like to announce that there is new release of MAVERIK - a VR micro kernel. The new maverik-6.5 release can be found here.

All source-code including the bitmaps (ppm, jpg, png etc) can handle a 64 bit archticture. The makefiles are still not following the GNU-autoconf procedure but is on the todo-list. The new makefiles generated by setup now have a target called distclean. As its says, it removes all objectfiles, all generated libraries and all executables.

The examples are still worth to have a look at. Nevertheless some of these won't work because the underlying libraries are no longer available or have undergone a substantional change like the Qt-Library.

Above all the new release reflects the GPLv3 licence.

have a lot of fun.

Hartmut Rosch


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