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GNU Shogi 1.4.2

From: Yann Dirson
Subject: GNU Shogi 1.4.2
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 21:53:45 +0100
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Bugfix release GNU Shogi 1.4.2 is now available from

XShogi has been separated into its own package, available from the
same directory.

Changes in version 1.4.2 (02/2014):

* XShogi is no longer included in the GNU Shogi source, it is
  available as a separate source archive.
* Fixes for edit mode:
  - fixed clobbering of board on invalid input
  - display a message on wrong input
* Fixed Curses mode display:
  - reversed column number for MiniShogi
  - clock and captures position for MiniShogi
  - refresh display after "switch" to get player names updated
  - layout fixes, notably when using only 80 columns
* Minor code cleanups.

Yann Dirson

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