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Troubles with nnir.el and Glimpse

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Troubles with nnir.el and Glimpse
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:39:57 -0000
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I want to use nnir.el and glimpse to search in my mails. They're stored
in the directories:
   and so on...

As mail backend I use nnml. The group names are "mail.Freenet" etc...

I checked out a current nnir.el from the Gnus CVS and configured it by
putting this in my ~/.gnus:

(require 'nnir)
(setq nnir-mail-backend 
      (nth 0 gnus-secondary-select-methods) 
      nnir-search-engine 'glimpse 
      nnir-glimpse-home "/home/heimdall/Mail" 
      nnir-glimpse-remove-prefix "/home/heimdall/Mail/")

When I now type `G G jeans` in the Group buffer I get the following
output in the *Messages* Buffer:

| Doing glimpse query ((query . jeans))...
| glimpse args: -H /home/heimdall/Mail -W -l -y -i -F 
|                                      /home/heimdall/Mail/ jeans
| Doing glimpse query ((query . jeans))...done
| Retrieving newsgroup: nnir:((query . "jeans"))...
| Fetching headers for nnir:((query . "jeans"))...
| nnir-retrieve-headers: Args out of range: ["nnml:mail.Freenet" 9], 2

If I call glimpse with the arguments above in a terminal I get this

| $ glimpse -H /home/heimdall/Mail -W -l -y -i -F 
|                                  /home/heimdall/Mail/ Jeans
| /home/heimdall/Mail/mail/Freenet/.overview
| /home/heimdall/Mail/mail/Freenet/439
| /home/heimdall/Mail/mail/sent/.overview
| /home/heimdall/Mail/mail/sent/580
| /home/heimdall/Mail/mail/sent/590

I think this looks good. So what am I doing wrong?

Much thanks in advance,

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