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Re: Follow-up etc in NEW frame

From: Meatball
Subject: Re: Follow-up etc in NEW frame
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 09:09:48 +0800
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Sebastien Kirche <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> Le 11 Oct 2004, Reiner Steib a formulé :
>> Both solutions lead to new frames when composing messages, e.g. when
>> pressing `F', `R' and similar, you get a new frame.  When pressing
>> `C-c C-c', the frame is closed automatically.
>> Alas, there are a couple of minor pitfalls (at least with my
>> special-display configuration):
> I have another  problem : when i  compose a new message or  reply to another
> one, Gnus do create a new frame, but it is not closed at C-c C-c.
> The buffer message is actually killed.
> I  have a quite  recent Gnus  (from CVS  Emacs) and  did not  find something
> usefull in message.el
> Do you know a solution ?
> SĂ©bastien Kirche

excuse me, can u tell me what is the command by which I can follow up a
message in a new frame?

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