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Re: How do you say "gnus"?

From: Anne & Lynn Wheeler
Subject: Re: How do you say "gnus"?
Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2005 19:51:54 -0700
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David Sumbler <address@hidden> writes:
> Now for the trivial question: how do you say "Gnus"?  Is it pronounced
> like "News", or do the cognoscienti pronounce it in some other way?

i always pronounced it ga-news ... similarly to having pronounced
gnosis as ga-nosis ... and later gnu as ga-new (g wasn't silent)

gnosis was/is "great new operating system in the sky"
(capability-based operating system) done by tymshare in the late 70s
and early 80s ... before M/D bought them and spun-off tymnet to
british telecom and gnosis to a startup called key logic and renamed
keykos. in that time-frame, i tended to have regularly monthly
meetings with some of the tymshare people (in part because they had a
vm/370-based time-sharing service) ... and was brought in by M/D to do
gnosis technical audit for the spin-off.

keykos/gnosis somewhat was reborn as eros on intel architecture
... and is being touted as operating system designed to get an CC/EAL7

and keykos

Anne & Lynn Wheeler |

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