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Re: utf8 in NoGnus

From: pachkov
Subject: Re: utf8 in NoGnus
Date: 21 Feb 2005 15:17:26 -0800
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>> Instead of cyrillic charactes I see empty squares
> Have you got any -iso8859-5 fonts available to your X server? (Are
>you even on X11?)

Sure. I have defined fontset as:
(cond (window-system

;       cyrillic-iso8859-5:-*-fixed-*-*-*-*-18-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-5,

 >> As well From headers in windowsCP1251 are shown incorectly like
 >> "=?windows-1251?B?y/7k7Ojr4CDBLiDP4Pjq7uLg?=".
>Non-CVS GNU Emacs doesn't support that MIME character set out of
>the box, from what I can see.

No hope? It should be possible I guess, since it shows correctly koi8
headers coded with MIME.

>Try a CVS version of GNU Emacs--it should have better Cyrillic
support, at
>least for windows-1251. I don't believe that any version of GNU
Emacs will
>use your Windows-1251 fonts, though my local copy of 21.3.1 does
>iso-8859-5 characters correctly in a Unicode context. (Whether they
>correctly is still up to the X11 server, of course.)

I have feeling that there is just a few variables to set and than
everything is fine.

> Off-topic, but what, specifically, convinced you to move from XEmacs?

Curiosity and some annoying things with new installation of Xemacs.
 Probably it would be easier to resolve them than fight with
customization of emacs.

Kind wishes,


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