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Re: Strange message deleting mail files

From: Kevin Greiner
Subject: Re: Strange message deleting mail files
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 22:01:27 -0600
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Reiner Steib <address@hidden> writes:

> On Fri, Mar 18 2005, Sarir Khamsi wrote:
>> Reiner Steib <address@hidden> writes:
> [ "Expiry recovered 0 NOV entries, deleted 0 files, and freed 0.000000 B." ]
>>> This message is from `gnus-agent-expire-done-message', i.e. it is
>>> related to the expiry of the agent cache.  I think[1] it has nothing
>>> to do with your previous `gnus-summary-delete-article' command.
>>> `gnus-summary-delete-article' deletes immediately.
> [...]
>>> [1] I don't use the agent myself, so I might be missing something.
>> OK, thanks. I checked and the messages are being deleted. It is still
>> annoying. Do you know where I should look to get rid of the message or
>> fix whatever is wrong? Thanks.
> I think nothing is wrong there.  Maybe the message level (confer `C-h
> v gnus-verbose RET' [1]) is too low: It is at level 4.
> [ I cannot judge if the levels in gnus-agent.el should be adjusted.
>   Kevin (Cc-ed in this message), could you comment on this? ]
> When you set `gnus-verbose' to 3 or less, the expiry message will
> disappear, but this also makes other parts of Gnus more quiet.
> Bye, Reiner.

Well, the gnus-agent-expire* functions were originally written for
manual (i.e. administrative) use.  I added the status messsage because
it was rather hard to tell whether the enough groups had been expired.
Since that time, agent expiration has been linked into article
expiration (gnus-request-expire-articles).  This was done to actually
fix a bug in which expired articles kept reappearing in the summary

You find the message to be annoying.  Can you indicate how annoying?
I can easily change the message level but I'll probably annoy those
users who expect the message to appear.  Still, re-reading
gnus-verbose for the Nth time, I probably should have made this a
level 6, or possibly 7, message rather than the current 4.


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