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adaptive scoring questions?

From: leon
Subject: adaptive scoring questions?
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 11:16:53 +0000
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Dear All,

First of all, I'm happy that I finally find this great software 'GNUS',
it's unlike any other email clients I have used before such as evolution,
thunderbird and mutt. I'm surprised how well it handles news group. Now
I start reading news groups from many sources. I come to the point I
want gnus to handle scoring articles automatically. I start with some
articles in emacswiki for exmaple

My group buffer looks like this

I want gnus to adaptively score groups in topic [News] but not in
[Emails]. Here is how I configure it. I move my cursor to topic [News]
and press 'G p' then I enter the following lines:

((score-file . "emacs.SCORE"))
 (adapt t))

However it makes no difference. I'm learning gnus so you detailed help
is valuable to me. Thanks.


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