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Re: Gmail pop3 problem

From: Hadron Quark
Subject: Re: Gmail pop3 problem
Date: Fri, 05 May 2006 09:43:50 +0200
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Burton Samograd <address@hidden> writes:

> Burton Samograd <address@hidden> writes:
> <snip>
>> Is there some flag or hidden switch for pop3 that might help here?  
> In my general form, I'll reply to the answer for my previous post.  It
> turns out that my configuration wasn't wrong (see the previous for
> that), but that my gmail pop settings were.  If you enable pop only
> for mail from a certain time, it doesn't let you get it.  *But*, if
> you enable it for all mail, it seems to come down fine, you just have
> to wait for it all to come down (5000 messages and counting so far).
> -- 
> burton samograd                                       kruhft .at. gmail

Really? It works ok with all other pop3 clients/MDAs I have tried including
fetchmail and evolution.

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