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signature + fortune + from ??

From: francois . lagarde
Subject: signature + fortune + from ??
Date: 1 Jun 2006 07:08:13 -0700
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I use different mail boxes. For each mail box i have a special
signature-file. So in my gnus configuration i have something like that:
(setq gnus-posting-styles
        (address "<at>")
         (setq sc-preferred-header-style 3)
        (signature-file "~/documents/signature/news"))

up to now everything is fine.
Now I want to add some fortune decorations.
The solution that I found is to create a script, which concats the
usual signature file name, and the fortune (I don't really understand
the lisp)
It looks like:
"~/documents/signature/fortuneSignature my-file-name-signature")

up to now it also not so bad.

Now I want to customize my fortune signature according to the from
field, I use:

(header "From" ".*aaa.*\\|.*.eee.*\\|.*ttt.*"
"~/documents/signature/fortuneSignatureHumor my-file-name-signature")

the matter is that if use this method it would overwrite the fact that
I write my mail from a specific mail box. That is to say, the
my-file-name-signature (ex work, home, news ) is fixed.

So my question is how to get a «my-file-name-signature» bound to my
post style preference.

Sorry if i am not clear enough, my english is poor...

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