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Re: pgg or mailcrypt

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: pgg or mailcrypt
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 14:22:59 +0100
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Hadron Quark <address@hidden> writes:

> I can find no tutorial or easy "howto guide" for PGG.

Yes, but (info "pgg") should help you in some way.

> Where is mailcrypt tagged obsolete?

The officiel Mailcrypt webpage has been last modified in 2002 (Thu Sep
26 01:19:49 PDT 2002) -

Maybe it's not *officially* obsolete (if there is some sense of being
officially obsolete when a tool is still working), but apparently it's
no being supported anymore.

> Can anyone point me into the right direction for using pgg from a set of
> defined default keybindings in gnus? 

The "attachement" menu gives you a few hints:

C-c RET C-s -> sign 
C-c RET C-c -> encrypt 
C-c RET C-e -> sign and encrypt

> I cant find how to encrypt a post (only region) or  how to
> interactively change the gpg user id. 

Here is the relevant part of my config.  Hope this helps.

(autoload 'pgg-encrypt-region "pgg"
  "Encrypt the current region." t)
(autoload 'pgg-decrypt-region "pgg"
  "Decrypt the current region." t)
(autoload 'pgg-sign-region "pgg"
  "Sign the current region." t)
(autoload 'pgg-verify-region "pgg"
  "Verify the current region." t)
(autoload 'pgg-insert-key "pgg"
  "Insert the ASCII armored public key." t)
(autoload 'pgg-snarf-keys-region "pgg" "Import public keys in the
  current region." t)

;; Emacs should always decrypt and verify emails
;; automatically
(setq mm-verify-option 'always)
(setq mm-decrypt-option 'always)
(setq gnus-buttonized-mime-types 
      '("multipart/encrypted" "multipart/signed"))

(setq pgg-default-user-id "[your gpg identity]"
      pgg-query-keyserver t)

(setq pgg-default-keyserver-address ""
      pgg-encrypt-for-me nil)


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