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Re: pgg or mailcrypt

From: Reiner Steib
Subject: Re: pgg or mailcrypt
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 14:42:20 +0200
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On Mon, Jun 12 2006, Hadron Quark wrote:

> Can anyone offer advice on pgg v mailcrypt.
> There is the info page for pgg (thanks Rainer), but I dont really see
> any advantages over mailcrypt (which also comes as a debina package
> complete with default key bindings).

Mailcrypt is not part of Emacs and not actively maintained, AFAICS.
PGG is primary GPG/PGP library in Gnus and Emacs.  PGG is included in
Gnus (and will be included in Emacs 22) and it is actively maintained.

,----[ ]
| Mailcrypt was last updated on Monday, September 26, 2002. The latest
| version is 3.5.8.

,----[ ]
| Things to Do
| [...]
|     * Fix signing under GNUS/Mule. Currently, Emacs marks foreign
|     characters with the byte '\207', which it strips out before
|     posting. Mailcrypt signs buffer contents with those characters,
|     thus generating invalid signatures.

Bye, Reiner.
      (o o)
---ooO-(_)-Ooo---  |  PGP key available  |

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