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Re: gpg/Mailcrypt & emacs

From: Gijs Hillenius
Subject: Re: gpg/Mailcrypt & emacs
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 10:11:27 +0200
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>>>>> Hadron Quark writes:

      > Have any readers ever got mailcrypt to sign/encrypt messages
      > based on the from field when sending emails/posts in gnus?

Yes. Flawlessly.

For several addresses in the bbdb I have a 

pgp-mail: sign
pgp-mail: encrypt 


I just started toying with bbdb-pgp.el to get it to do the same with
pgg instead of mailcrypt, by replacing the mailcrypt-commands to

as said:
change (require 'mailcrypt) to:
(require 'pgg)

and then change

(mc-sign 0))) to (pgg-sign 0))) ;; this works

(mc-encrypt 0))) to (pgg-encrypt 0))) ;; this doesn't :-(

                 and neither does (mml-secure-message-encrypt 0)))

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