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Re: Gnus + Leafnode = 10 minutes to start

Subject: Re: Gnus + Leafnode = 10 minutes to start
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 15:10:02 GMT
User-agent: slrn/ (Debian)

* Stepan Golosunov wrote in gnu.emacs.gnus:
> SINNER <address@hidden> writes:

>> * Charles philip Chan wrote in gnu.emacs.gnus:
>>> On 29 Dec 2006, address@hidden wrote:

>>>> it is recreating the entire Usenet hierarchy in
>>>> ~News/marks/localhost/*

>>> Did you look in the directories? They only contain a .marks file.

>> No, but why would it mark what is not necessary?

>>>> ...  uk uq uunet vegas wales world yu ukc ural uva verio wanadoo
>>>> worldnet yuba ukonline us uvic vgc wanadoouk wpg z- ukr usask uvm vic
>>>> wash wpi za ukrainet usa-today uw video weblogic wri zen ...

>>> Are you subscribed to all these groups?

>> absolutley not.

>> [04:34 PM][J:address@hidden cat .newsrc | grep ':'
>> alt.comp.os.linux: 1-64
>> 1-902,1598,1600
>> alt.os.linux: 1-1081,1433,2586,2588,2594-2595,2605-2606
>> alt.os.linux.debian: 1-213
>> alt.os.linux.ubuntu: 1-1231
>> alt.smokers.cigars: 1-1553
>> 1-3000,3090-3092

> And without grep there are many more lines? Gnus is reading these
> groups too.

Yes, as any normal newsrc, it contains every possible group on the

> You should kill all groups you are not going to read.

But that isnt what I should have to do is it? It sounds like an easy
cure for the symptoms but it dosent sound like the cure.

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.
                -- Benjamin Franklin

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