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Re: Question about sending E-mail using Gmail

From: William Xu
Subject: Re: Question about sending E-mail using Gmail
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 14:05:20 +0800
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"Wada Yusuke" <address@hidden> writes:

   When I try to send an E-mail by typing C-c C-c
   in the screen of editing message,
   there appears some messages in mini-buffer,
   and finally comes this message:

   "Sending failed; SMTP protocol error."


   emacs 20.7.2
   gnus 5.10.6

Wow, sooooooo old. When i was using "GNU Emacs 21.4.1, Gnus v5.10.7", i
remember i encountered similiar problems. And to solve it, you have to
update several gnus files. i found the link that used to help me, so you
may give it a try,


| If you don't want to build Emacs and Gnus from CVS you can try to
| upgrade these important files:
|     * Emacs: lisp/mail/smtpmail.el
|     * Gnus: lisp/starttls.el 
| and of course pop3.el in Gnus. 

Good luck, 


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