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Re: newbie: confusion about attachments

From: Stuart McLean
Subject: Re: newbie: confusion about attachments
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2007 19:20:43 GMT
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Sven Joachim <address@hidden> writes:

> Stuart McLean <address@hidden> writes:
>> I have been using gnus for a little while, but rarely send
>> attachments. As far as I can tell you attach a file via `C-a' and
>> proceed with the prompts from there.

> It's C-c C-a, but otherwise that's correct.

>> Let's say I want to send a png as a test to a webmail account like
>> yahoo. In the Message buffer I type `C-a' and at the prompts type the
>> file I want to attach, type "image/png", a comment, and a disposition
>> of "attachment.

> Yes.

>> I then send the file with `C-c C-c'. I log into my webmail account and
>> the attachment shows up as text.
> This may be a problem with your webmail account.  I just sent myself a
> PNG file and had no problem viewing it, neither in Gnus nor in GMX'
> webmail interface.
Thanks. Apparently Yahoo webmail has spam settings that prevent the
viewing of images. I changed these settings and I can download the
attachment (and it is viewable).

>> I have read what I think are the
>> relevant sections of the Gnus, Message, and Emacs MIME manuals, but I
>> remain confused as to what variables I might set to have the
>> attachment displayed properly. Any pointers to info, functions or
>> variables would be greatly appreciated.
> Can you download the mail via POP3 and try to view it in Gnus?
Fetching the article and viewing in Gnus works fine.

However, when I send the mail to a friend, and they try to view it in
their MUA (Eudora) the attachment shows up, but not as a png and not
as text, but rather as a button that can't be opened in an image
viewer. This indicates to me that it is a problem with the receiving
MUAs and not with Gnus.

I am wondering how other MUAs can send attachments that are readable
by MUAs such as Eudora.

Thanks very much for your speedy reply


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