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Why is nnimap expire not \Deleted?

From: Joel Reicher
Subject: Why is nnimap expire not \Deleted?
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 08:08:12 GMT
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Sorry if this has already been discussed, but it seems to me that the
gnus model of expiring mail messages is exactly the same as the IMAP
model of delete and then expunge, so I don't see why one is not
straightforwardly mapped to the other.

What I'm thinking is that the expiry mark should be the \Deleted flag,
and that deleting should in fact be expunging, and that
\Deleted messages *should* be visible.

If this is done then I think what expiring and deleting does for a
local mail back end will correspond exactly to what happens on disk at
the IMAP server.


        - Joel

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