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Auto download mails with nnimap and agent

From: Ian Dobbie
Subject: Auto download mails with nnimap and agent
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 10:30:41 +0000
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I have nnimap running with gnus-agent. When I connect to my imap server
I download mails to split then, including spam filtering so I download
bodies as well as headers. The mails are then split into different
mailboxes and moved on the imap server. I also use gnus-agent to read
emails and news offline.

Currently this operates by downloading mails once to split them and
decide which mail box they should go into. Later when I hit "j s" to
download articles into my agent it then downloads them again. I also
sometimes forget to download mails before I go into unplugged mode
meaning that later I can see the mails have arrived but don't have the
bodies to actually read them. Is there any way to automatically add
the articles to my agent cache when they are initially downloaded and
split into the right mailboxes, rather than doing it again later.



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