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Re: Administering two imap accounts with gnus?

From: Hermann
Subject: Re: Administering two imap accounts with gnus?
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 10:58:35 +0200
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On 20.07.2009 at 02:46:42 "Rob Weir" <address@hidden> wrote:

> On 19 Jul 2009, Hermann wrote:
>> Hi, recently I've set up a mail account at the German provider
>> This is not my main account, it is at my ISP 1und1.  I want to
>> administer both accounts via nnimap in Gnus, and with 1und1 it is no
>> problem.  However I can't manage to get working: In ~/.authinfo
>> there are written both servers and login data.  In ~/.gnus I let Gnus
>> scan for new mails every 5 minutes.  When Gnus starts, there comes up
>> a program named starttls, that is running twice, with ""
>> and "".  Gnus connects correctly to the first one, but
>> refuses connection to "access denied". 
> is your ~/.authinfo two lines, like this:
>   machine login yourusername password yourpassword
>   machine login yourotherusername password yourotherpassword
Yes. And according to the manual there should be two additional lines,
which I don't understand correctly:
machine login myloginname force yes
machine login mysecondloginname force yes
Are they neccessary? They don't affect this problem, however.

> Can you try enabling imap-debug with (setq imap-debug t) in ~/.emacs,
> and then have a look at your *imap-debug* buffer?
I did so, but I get a lot of entries that I don't understand. Are there
special lines I have to look at?
What a first view shows is, that 1und1 say something like "login auth",
while answers something like "nonauth". Perhaps an authentification 
Can Emacs/Gnus automatically detect the auth mechanism? Thunderbird
obviously can.

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