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Re: author of post and signature problems

From: prad
Subject: Re: author of post and signature problems
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 11:13:30 -0800
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Philipp Haselwarter <address@hidden> writes:

> One possible solution: ...
thx philipp! that was an interesting observation and ingenious solution.
i will heed your traffic point though and keep my sig to 2 lines -
besides i enjoy using C-c C-z to kill the bottom part of my sig for some
reason. :D

| (setq gnus-parameters
|       `((".*"
|          (posting-style (body "\n\n\nIn friendship,\nprad\n")))))
what i don't get is how to figure out things like setting the 
gnus-parameters. i tried looking through the manual's index to see if i
could get a clue as to whether that would have led me to your
solution. reading the text i found the posting-style parameter (though
the body function was not there (though it is if one follows the posting
styles link).

so i guess it's just a matter of on-going work with gnus and reading the
manual regularly so one can become familiar with all the goodies that
are actually available to us. additionally, persuing the newsgroup
should produce some gems i'm sure, though i don't have an intelligent
way of searching through it yet.

In friendship,

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