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Re: read mail in mbox files

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: read mail in mbox files
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 14:04:37 +0100
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On Tue, 18 Jan 2011 13:41:04 +0100, Richard wrote:

> ~/Mail is a default. I am "pretty sure" (thats a euphemism meaning "I am
> happy to remain in ignorance as it works for me") that nnml reads
> "incoming" from the spool /var/spool and then stores them in mbox (or
> whatever?!?) in ~/Mail.

nnml does not store in mbox format:

,----[ Mail Spool <> ]
| If you use this back end, Gnus will split all incoming mail into files,
| one file for each mail, and put the articles into the corresponding
| directories under the directory specified by the nnml-directory
| variable. The default value is `~/Mail/'.
| If you have a strict limit as to how many files you are allowed to store
| in your account, you should not use this back end. As each mail gets its
| own file, you might very well occupy thousands of inodes within a few
| weeks. If this is no problem for you, and it isn't a problem for you
| having your friendly systems administrator walking around, madly,
| shouting "Who is eating all my inodes?! Who? Who!?!", then you should
| know that this is probably the fastest format to use. You do not have to
| trudge through a big mbox file just to read your new mail.

If the original poster wants to keep procmail splitting mail into
~/Mail/ then nnml definitely is not the answer (as nnml assumes that
Gnus is the only one writing to nnml-groups).

> But here we see an issue with the docs. nnml? 

Suggest improvements to and ?

> I used to use fancy splitting but cant get it working with spam-split
> with nognus anymore. Calls for a working config haven't been successful
> ;(

I don't use IMAP, so I can't give any other examples than the ones
already posted.

  Best regards,


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