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ANN: DBusKit 0.1

From: Niels Grewe
Subject: ANN: DBusKit 0.1
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 18:06:21 +0200
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Hello guys,

Now that the core release is out of the door, a initial release of
DBusKit seemed only fitting, so here it is:

1 GNUstep DBusKit Framework 0.1

This is the first public release of DBusKit, the GNUstep D-Bus bindings
framework. The framework allows Objective-C applications to access the
D-Bus inter-process communication system.

1.1 Where to get it

You may obtain the code for this release from the GNUstep subversion
repository at:


   Alternatively, a compressed archive for this release is available at
the following address:


   The integrity of the archive can be verified using the following
OpenPGP signature:


1.2 How to build it

For instructions on how to build DBusKit, please refer to the `INSTALL'
file in the framework source.

1.3 What is it good for?

The DBusKit framework offers tight integration of D-Bus services into
Objective-C applications. It handles all low-level details of
communication with D-Bus daemons and the services connected to them and
exposes an interface similar to Distributed Objects to make it easy for
Objective-C programmers to access D-Bus services. Highlights of the
initial release include:

   * Distributed Objects-like API for exchanging messages with D-Bus

   * A notification center class for watching signals emitted by D-Bus

   * `dk_make_interface' tool to generate Objective-C protocol
     declarations from D-Bus interface files.

1.4 Where do I send bug reports?

DBusKit is a relatively new framework and will certaintly contain bugs.
Reporting them is always appreciated. You can log bug reports on the
GNUstep project page ( or
send them to <address@hidden>.

Once more, I'd like to thank everybody who helped out with bug reports
and insightful comments. With this release, we have basic support for
calling out to D-Bus services, but I am committed to improving things so
that Objective-C apps can also expose D-Bus services themselves.



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