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From: Alain Knaff
Subject: Mtools-pre-3.9.9
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 23:29:11 +0100
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Mtools-pre-3.9.9 - use MS-DOS disks without mounting them

This is to announce the availability of mtools-pre-3.9.9, which can be
found at the following places:

This is mostly a maintainance release which fixes a couple of bugs in
the following areas:
 - Portability issues (Cygwin, Arm)
 - Allow to specify filesystem image on command line (-i flag)
 - Support for byte-swapping disks and some Atari disks
 - Mcat fixes
 - Misc mformat fixes (improved fat size calculation)
 - Misc Fat32 fixes

After a testing/bugfixing period of one week, I plan to release 3.9.9.



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