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anyone home?

From: Quinn Dunkan
Subject: anyone home?
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 23:08:48 -0700

Is anyone around?  I'm new to sather, and it mostly seems pretty
straightforward, but I have some questions that are not addressed by the FAQ.
comp.lang.sather is empty (although I found some posts on deja).  Is
info-sather gatewayed to the newsgroup?  I prefer writing to a newsgroup, but
if nobody reads it, then the mlist is the way to go :)  The mlist archives
from the gnu site seem to be down.  The last update was sometime last year...

So can I ask newbie-questions here?  Or is this a compiler-developer list?
heeeelllllpppp :)

sather seems nice, but also rather sleepy...

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