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[Info-VCDImager] GNU VCDImager 0.7.11 at last!

From: Herbert Valerio Riedel
Subject: [Info-VCDImager] GNU VCDImager 0.7.11 at last!
Date: 21 Oct 2001 15:52:26 +0200


...since the last release quite some time has passed while the earth was
busy with its journey around the sun... 

this release is mainly a maintenance release; I'd be interested to know,
whether this version is good enough, to replace vcdimager 0.6.2 in terms
of compatibility and reliability... 

btw, please be sure to check out the new "leadout pregap" option, in
case you encounter I/O errors while copying the last track of a video cd
on win32 systems...

version 0.7.11 (unstable/development)

* improved linux cdrom support by adding support for the generic packet
  cdrom interface
* added native BSD/OS CDROM support
* fixed libxml2 external entity loader
* fixed minor subheader bug
* be more tolerant when vcdxrip'ing faulty PBCs
* new "leadout pregap" option
* added 3 "-no*" options to vcdxrip

...get the source and binaries as usual from

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