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[gnupress]GNU Press new T-shirts survey.

From: Lisa M. Opus Goldstein
Subject: [gnupress]GNU Press new T-shirts survey.
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:06:49 -0500
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Dear GNU Press fan,

Thank you for your interest in keeping up to date with new
developments in GNU Press. 

I want to ask for your help in deciding on our new T-shirts to be
offered this Spring.  Please "fill out" the short questionnaire below
and send it to <address@hidden>.  Then I can better decide which
style/colors to make.

1. Your age:
A. Under 25
B. 25-35
C. 36-45
D. Over 45

2. Your location:
A. USA or Canada
B. Mexico, Central America or South America
C. Europe
D. Asia
E. Africa or the Caribbean
F. The Middle East
G. Australia

3. T-shirt colors I like best: (check only one or two)
A. White
B. Light colors, not including White
C. Dark colors
D. Black 

4. My T-shirt size:
S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

5. Please pick one of the following: 
In *general*, I prefer T-shirts that have...
A. text-only, with few words
B. have small text-areas and small graphics
C. have  large text-areas and large graphics
D. large  logos/graphics only (no text)
E. small logos/graphics only (no text)
F. Other (please explain)

6. Please pick as many of the following that sounds like a T-shirt you
would be interested in purchasing.  Please feel free to add comments
or suggest an additional style.

A. A T-shirt that says "Happy Hacking" in smaller letters on the back,
with a small GNUS (from Emacs) Gnu image on the front left side (over the
heart).  Black shirt with CRT green images.

B. Same as the above, but "Happy Hacking" on the front, a small GNUS
image on the back in the middle of the shoulders. Black shirt with CRT
Green images.

C. A T-shirt with only the logo "Free Software, Free Society", from
the book cover of the same name.  Natural shirt dark brown letters or
white shirt with dark gray letters. (Which color combo do you prefer?)

D. A Gnu from the cover of a manual.  Name your favorite!

E. A T-shirt with just the GNU head.  Large (most of the shirt) or
small (the size of your palm)?

F. Other - make a suggestion!

Please send any other feedback about GNU Press or other items you
might want to address@hidden  We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Lisa M. Goldstein 
Managing Editor, GNU Press
Free Software Foundation

address@hidden  General sales and customer service inquiries
address@hidden  Regarding distribution and publication development

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