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[Janosik-user] Re: important

From: Jose Hernandez
Subject: [Janosik-user] Re: important
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 05:14:12 -0500

You have seen it on "60 Minutes" and read the BBC News report -- now find out 
just what everyone is talking about.

# Suppress your appetite and feel full and satisfied all day long
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And more..


# Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
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Dr. Larry Hall

Please God dont let it be her cache of extra shampoo or her tampons or pictures 
of her dear old sainted mother or - He fumbled for one of the boxes, dragged it 
out, and opened the flaps. From - Then, cutting cleanly through this like a 
sharp knife, came her agitated, almost-screaming voice: Do you think that when 
they put me up there on the stand in Den - Up on the stand.

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