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[Jinn-developer] phpGroupWare Major Bug Fix Release is out!

From: Dave Hall
Subject: [Jinn-developer] phpGroupWare Major Bug Fix Release is out!
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 01:24:55 +1100

Hi all,

phpGroupWare is proud to announce the latest stable version - This release contains over 50 reported bugs fixed, a stack
of patches and general polish.

This is release exceeds the normal high quality of a phpGroupWare
release and is probably the most stable release ever by the phpGroupWare

Please refer to the ChangeLog at the end of this message for details on
the significant fixes.

The tarballs include updated CVS data so you can easily update. This is
a result of the recent CVS changes at savannah (see
https://savannah.gnu.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=4168 ).


Dave Hall (aka skwashd)
API Coordinator
e address@hidden
w phpgroupware.org


- Fixes for the following bugs
        * General Globals and PHP5 fixes 
                - still not perfect :(
        * Fix years lists in JS calendar
        * Stop "anonymous" users from being blocked
                - stops potential DoS attack for sitemgr
        * Fix change password reminder
        * Several fixes for LDAP accounts
                - inc make phpGW work w/Samba and other tools
        * Fix delete hook in many apps
        * Make alarms editable in calendar
        * Give enough info for conflict with private cal event
        * Make ical.php and exported iCals RFC 2445 compliant
        * Move modules when page moved to another cat in sitemgr
        * Fix dates in history log and bookmarks
        * Make addressbook person & address more user friendly
        * Fix vcard export in addressbook
        * Allow no default category for addressbook
        * Fix JS errors in addressbook
        * Make the phpgw footer be shown in all parts of email
        * Show all addressbook categories in email
        * Make NNTP work again
        * Show history log for todo items
        * Fix heirarchy in todo list
        * Many minor fixes in polls
        * Hide some debugging output
        * Various other minor bug fixes
        * General Grammar and language fixes

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