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[Koha-win32] Re: [Koha] Problem regarding MARC21 tag 942$a mapping

From: Thomas D
Subject: [Koha-win32] Re: [Koha] Problem regarding MARC21 tag 942$a mapping
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 01:56:24 +0200

20 Jun 2005

Quoting Stephen Hedges <address@hidden> :

"You'll need to do your own mapping, making sure that itemcallnumber comes
out of the same tag that has your other item information
 price, etc.)"

I have observed the error message that results if MARC linking to the items
table does not all come from the same tag (MARC field).

MARC Check returns the following error message.

"item fields
ALL items fields MUST :
    * be mapped to the same tag,
    * and they must all be in the 10 (items) tab"

Please explain to me how this is a feature, else I will consider it a bug.

Thomas D

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