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Re: hurd_ihash

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Re: hurd_ihash
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 19:23:45 +0100
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Oh and one more thing, there are a LOT of warnings in libhurd-cap, which I ignored by removing it from the Makefile.am. Perhaps it should be removed from Makefile.am in CVS as well?


Bas Wijnen wrote:

I was just looking at all the warnings which were produced by the code. Most of them are not a problem at all ("unused variable" followed by "FIXME: do something with this", for example). There are some "assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast" warnings from using atomic_compare_and_exchange_val_acq on pointers, which I guess is no problem either (although getting rid of the warning would be nice). Also, a macro (MORECORE) in malloc.c:3337 (in various directories) gives a "statement has no effect"-warning. This is also probably ok, but it would be nice if the warning could be removed.

One thing does seem like a (small) problem, though: in libpthread/sysdeps/hurd/pt-setspecific.c:33 and 38, functions named ihash_* are called. They give "implicit declaration"-warnings. Since <hurd/ihash.h> is included, I looked there. There are hurd_ihash_* functions defined there, but just using those gives "too few arguments" errors. I didn't look further into it, as I think someone who knows the code probably knows what's happening without even looking at it, so I would be wasting my time. It seems like a bug to me, is it?



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