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Re: help: echo code..

From: markus kaarn
Subject: Re: help: echo code..
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 00:45:58 -0600
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Neal H. Walfield wrote:

Take a look at the printf functions in task and deva, namely
task/output.c and task/output.h.
I know functions used to output chars, i just don't know
where to use it. I've been putting printf() to - main () -
functions of modules(deva, physmem, task) and non of them echoes.
putchar (), printf () all goes through wortel_put** ()
But i can get no echo. I've heard IIRC Marcus said
that deva has primitive keyboard driver in it, and when hurd-l4
started, you get character printed when you push buttons. (mm.. how da hell?
should i include fabrica-archive?? to get this working? Sounds stupid,
just because i've seen the keyboard driver in deva/deva-class.c and this has
nothing to do with fabrica-archive). %_%

As i said, i can get no output after wortel/wortel.c::main () { .. load_components() }
is executed.
(Maybe i must ./configure & make it all in some way to get this work)

I'm totally confused.

Could you guys please give me _piece_of_code_ which i can put
somwhere(anywhere) in Deva, Task or Physmem.. to get this working.
I'm stuck on it, and can't get no things go till i'm done with this.

Thanks & have a good night..


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