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Re: qemu image

From: Vittore Scolari
Subject: Re: qemu image
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 15:24:06 +0100
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Derek Davies wrote:


How can I make images of the hurd-l4 stuff for use with qemu?  Can I
make an ext2 or iso fs image and use that or do I need to use network
transfer and then dump the image from the qemu monitor?  Do I use some
loopback trickery to install grub in that image?  How do I invoke qemu
on the result?  I tried searching for this info to no avail.


I did comment out - start_elf (MOD_ROOT_FS); - from wortel/wortel.c to make the os propely working. I installed - deva ia32-kernel laden physmem sigma0 startup task wortel - stripped in /l4/boot like it's written in file README. I use this updatehurd.sh script as root to modify the pistachio-ia32-0.4-demodisk.bin downloaded from l4ka. Also, i changed the file boot/grub/menu.lst in pistachio-ia32-0.4-demodisk.bin and added these lines:

title The GNU Hurd on L4
kernel /boot/laden
module /boot/ia32-kernel
module /boot/sigma0
module /boot/wortel -D -o serial,uart1,speed=9600
module /boot/physmem
module /boot/task
module /boot/deva
module /boot/deva
module /boot/deva

then for boot the os i type

qemu -dummy-net -serial stdio -fda pistachio-ia32-0.4-demodisk.bin -boot a

work at least for me


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