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Re: Patch to Pistachio's comportement on Xfer timeouts

From: Espen Skoglund
Subject: Re: Patch to Pistachio's comportement on Xfer timeouts
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 16:19:53 +0100

[Matthieu Lemerre]
> With this patch, Pistachio makes the decision to timeout depending
> on where the pagefault occur: if it's in the sender's AS, it will
> look at the receivers' reveice timeout, if it's in the receiver's
> AS, it will look at the sender send timeout.

> As Marcus said: "the server doesn't care about page faults in its
>       own address space, but the server does care about page faults
>       on the client side ".

> So with this patch makes better use of xfer timeouts while
> preserving security.

Er... so what you're saying here is that a thread doing an IPC (send
or receive) can not decide on the timeouts for page-faults within its
own address space.  If a page-fault occurs within its own space, the
thread *must* rely on its pager to provide a valid mapping within a
given time period (since it can not trust the IPC partner to have set
a proper timeout value).  Do you seriously consider this to be a good

What Marcus says might be right for his particular usage case.  In
general, however, the server may very well have a great interest in
IPC pagefaults within its own space.


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