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Re: Using Hurd features (was: Re: Hurdish applications for persistence)

From: ams
Subject: Re: Using Hurd features (was: Re: Hurdish applications for persistence)
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 12:42:05 +0200

Bas, and everyone else.  The whole point of the GNU system is to use
its own features, it isn't to run on every platform out there.  This
is simply not a goal of the GNU system, of which the Hurd is a crucial
part of.  So stop worrying about writting portable programs, and start
abusing the features that the Hurd provides, and then use autoconf
macros so that _IF_ another system supports a feature provided by the
GNU system, it will magiclly work.

I'll just quote the GNU Coding Standards:

| In the Unix world, "portability" refers to porting to different Unix
| versions.  For a GNU program, this kind of portability is desirable, but
| not paramount.
|    The primary purpose of GNU software is to run on top of the GNU
| kernel, compiled with the GNU C compiler, on various types of CPU.  So
| the kinds of portability that are absolutely necessary are quite
| limited.  But it is important to support Linux-based GNU systems, since
| they are the form of GNU that is popular.

So if everyone writes proper configure.ac scripts, all is good, and if
a system implements something that we have, the program will start
using it automagiclly.

The problem with Linux specific hacks is that they don't check for
_features_, they just assume that something exists.  Which is why
Linux-specific hacks suck, that and Linux is known to not care about
API compabilitiy, we do.

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