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Re: Let's do some coding :-)

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: Let's do some coding :-)
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 12:05:57 +0200
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At Fri, 21 Oct 2005 09:45:44 -0400,
"Jonathan S. Shapiro" <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-10-21 at 13:10 +0200, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > ...(it has something to do with
> > becoming pregnant, ask me if you want to know more).
> I believe it is customary to congratulate someone when they become
> pregnant, so: Congratulations, Marcus! When are you due?

Not yet.  I have tried, but it's not easy to get a baby.  In fact, I
don't want to become pregnant.  Only partially pregnant.  And that is
much harder :)


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