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Re: Let's do some coding :-)

From: Alfred M\. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Let's do some coding :-)
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 17:32:47 +0200

   I believe that POSIX is not the way of the future.

Then put your money where your mouth is, rewrite Emacs for a non-POSIX
system.  You are not allowed to use the standard C library, or
anything else that POSIX states.  And as a cherry on top of that, get
it integrated upstream.  When you are done with that, you can port
GNOME to a non-POSIX system.

If your not willing to do that, then you have no business stating that
one should ditch POSIX; which despite false claims of being "crap
today" is darn good and doesn't prohibit anyone from creating kernels
that are good and wonderful.  After all, that is what the Hurd is
about, making a kernel, not making a system.

   You (and I) may not think it is perfect, but there definitely does
   exist a free POSIX system with comprehensive support and a very
   widespread user base.

And that system happens to be the GNU system, which GNU/Linux is based
on.  The same system that you are talking about, the same system that
you say shouldn't use POSIX.

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