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Re: Let's do some coding :-)

From: Alfred M\. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Let's do some coding :-)
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 22:47:29 +0200

   How you take my statements is something that I do not control.

Then please explain how the heck I should take the following (about
two days worth, the first is the most recent, the last is the oldest
according to how it got recived in my mailbox):

| Alfred has been sending me some fairly abusive private notes. I do
| not plan to respond to them, but I will be forwarding them to the
| list complete and unedited, under the subject heading "Rants from
| Alfred".  Please give them the attention that they deserve: none.
| My purpose in doing this is to ensure that future Google searches
| for Alfred will yield a more complete picture of him. This will
| assist potential employers in evaluating him.
| I fully support Alfred's right to say anything he wants, even if it
| annoys me. I also believe that freedom carries responsibilities, and
| that abuse of freedom should have consequences.

| Emperor Alfred says: well, it's okay to be naked in public. Just
| ignore it.
| Hey, if you are an exhibitionist, go for it. Just don't connect to
| the public network, because when you do you create pain for everyone
| else in the world. Freedom comes with responsibility.

| ASM: "You are a jerk, you are incompetent, you are an idiot, you are
| evil, you don't add any value to the community, you are making my
| life miserable, and I have spent the last month being contrary and
| difficult about absolutely everything you have to say. Now, will you
| help me with something?"
| Shap. "No, but I will help anybody else who wants that."
| ASM: "Then you are an *anti-social* prick."
| Alfred: have you considered hiring a cartoonist to chronicle your
| life?  It won't improve your attitude, but you would at least become
| very wealthy selling the cartoons.

| >    I will shortly post a note on this subject so that we can all
| >    examine this in a more structured discussion.
| > 
| > So as always, you resort to academia: Theory with vauge ties to
| > reality.
| Alfred: the thing that is most striking about your rants is that
| they are invariably aimed at the people who are trying to take your
| concerns seriously and address them. Does this not strike you as
| potentially counterproductive?

| Alfred may be going about it in an antisocial way, and he is
| certainly being a holier than thou little shit in his proclamations
| about the One True Way Of GNU, but he is raising a valid point about
| compatibility, and this point deserves some thought.

The only one who has been ranting (and now I'm starting to rant about
your defamatory behaviour) is YOU.  I have not been holier than thou,
I have not been anti-social in anyway, I have not pretended to be a
king, and I sure as hell have not spread lies about you.  Infact, I
have refrained from making _ANY_ comments about you, yet you still try
to purport me in some absurd light.  The only one who has been abusive
is you, you cannot expect me to be polite to you when you spread lies
about what I have written, when you use a condedsending to and what

We disagree about the importance of POSIX, but you have not come forth
with a _single_ reason why POSIX is bad.  You have only called it
crap, `it isn't what EROS does', and `it is 20 year old' and then
continued your attacks at me.  None of them are reasons good enough to
proclaim the whole standard as bad.

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