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confinement with endogenous verification ??

From: Brian Brunswick
Subject: confinement with endogenous verification ??
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 00:35:32 +0100

I've been lurking for this whole discussion, and would like to thank
all the participants for some interesting reading.

One question I would like to ask is about the motivation for this so
called "endogenous" verification, in EROS and others, and potentially

I understand this to mean that its possible within the system to
calculate (using a transitive completion of the capability relation)
that something cannot reach a particular other capability. This
involves categorising the capabilities into "secure" and "insecure"
ones in some way, and only following the "insecure" ones.

You might gather from my quotes above that I'm sceptical about this
classification, and whether it brings any benefits.

So my question is: how much is this used in EROS etc, how useful is
it, and how reliable - does it actually prove what it purports to, or
are there problems with the classification?

We might think of it as akin to so called "introspection" that is
possible in the run-time systems of certain languages (java), and used
to support dynamic loading and configuration of system components.


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