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Re: Changing from L4 to something else...

From: Jonathan Shapiro
Subject: Re: Changing from L4 to something else...
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 13:10:42 -0400

>You put in another disk, and bill it to the customer.

First, you send a CYA note to your boss about bad capacity planning by that 
department. Then you buy the disk. Then you ask people to delete things.Then 
you charge the customer.

Finally, you sacrifice a goat to the budget gods to give thanks that YOUR  
budget will not  be shrinking next year.

>> One day, she by mistake puts very shameful pictures in a public page, but 
>> she 
>> realizes that after she goes for a trip. 

Sorry. It has already been archived.

It is a curious thing that people simultaneously want safety from the admin and 
help from them. Sometimes you have to pick one or the other.

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