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[Liberty-eiffel] STRING not conforming to ANY

From: Phil Malin
Subject: [Liberty-eiffel] STRING not conforming to ANY
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2014 09:28:36 +1100
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Hi all.

I'm in the process of moving off SmartEiffel and over to Liberty and so am converting my personal libraries. One thing that I've noticed - and which surprised me - is that STRING doesn't seem to conform to ANY. I'm guessing there have been discussions about this (I tried to do a search on the mailing list but didn't find anything) and was interested in knowing the reasons. I have no problem refactoring my code but I wondered if this was deliberate or a transitory state of affairs.

Thanks in advance for any info.

And great to see new life breathed into this great language/compiler.


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